Tuesday June 25 , 2024

Om Oss


    1. Hi Trond and family,

      I’m struggling with the Norwegian, but it looks like you’re having a great time. Bloody jealous!! Finally got my boat back in th water, fully refitted after several years, and spent all summer out with the family. Hope you’re all enjoying your trip. The trades will be the best bit – you just need a lot of books a good fishing rod and a few bottles of chilled Chablis! Take care and enjoy yourselves. Tim.

    2. Hi Tim,

      Good to hear from you!

      Yes – I did expect some people to have difficulties with the norwegos ūüôā At the bottom of the page there is a translator bar, though not going
      To give you perfect English.

      Published a little snippet from our Biscay crossing (finally got the time to do it), showing some cat sailing under gennaker.


      Setting off to Madeira at the end of the month, slowly making our way to cast off in Las Palmas. Must be a good feeling to have a fully rewamped boat, Its amazing how quickly things deteriorate at sea. Constantly cleaning, polishing, replacing etc..

      From a novice I’m now getting more and more to grips with things, looking forward to more wind though. Cost of Spain and Portugal has offered a lot of motoring I’m afraid.. Had a few episodes with the French as well who all seem adamant about (with no exception) maneuvering their boat in and out from the pontoon under full sails…

      Take care


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